Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Roll out the carpet for the new set up (as of August 2012) - picture 2

Let's see if she'll stop and chat with us.

"Hi, how are you tonight?  Looking good!  Who are you wearing?"

"Hi there!  I'm wearing a Franklin Covey saddle leather binder in dark brown.  If you notice, I have multiple pockets on my inside front cover, including a secretary (open on two sides) pocket and a zip pocket!  I don't typically let the contents spill out of the pockets, that's just for show."

"I like your smiley stickers, where did you get those?"

"I got them from Staples in the school supply aisle and use them (when I remember) to mark particularly nice days or events.  Maudlin and juvenile, I know, and I love it!"

"Nice pen loops, I see you easily fit your highlighter into the left one."

"Yes, this particular designer really knows what we planners need to carry along with us for a night on the town."

"And the photo sheets, I see that they are truly transparent and not semi-opaque."

"Yes, Martha Stewart's design!  Slick, not thick!  The tot on top is an old pic of my little one.  The chaps on the bottom are my son and his freshmen college roommates four years later, at graduation... oh, my!  I have vertigo from time flying!"

"Oh, careful!  Watch your step!"

"I must be going!  Kisses!  Oh, and a shout-out to my Uni-Ball Jetstream 4 + 1 pen/pencil with built-in eraser!"

"Thank you for chatting with us.  [Speaks to camera] Doesn't she look lovely tonight?"

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