Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Set Up - picture 4

This page doesn't serve much of a purpose other than providing yet-another semi-rigid surface to create a smoother writing surface, protecting my paper from all the bumps made by the pockets on the inside cover of the binder.  It is supposed to be a page lifter but it is a little too floppy.  I made it by cutting a folder down to size.  It was the same shape and size of a Pee-Chee folder, but made from polyurethane (I'm not sure I even really know what that is!) or some other sort of plastic material; I then used my single hole punch to punch holes.  I bought the folder at Staples. 

After I found the Day Runner page lifter I didn't really need this one anymore, but it's cute, so I kept it.  I really like the graphics.

See all pics of this set-up (most recent pic shows first).


  1. Did you find the Day Runner page lifters for sale as a separate item? I have some old Franklin Covey page lifters but they are a bit wide for the Filo personal. I may cut them down unless I can find the Day Runner ones. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Cheryl, thanks for stopping by! No, I didn't find it separately. See picture 3 in this set-up series at I've learned not to reign myself in when searching for what I want in a planner because I end up wasting a ton of time yearning for the 'too-expensive' item and looking around for and creating poor imitations of the desired item. When all is said and done it would have been cheaper just to plunk down the dough up front, so that's what I do now (if I actually have the dough!).

    Everyone has their own priorities and their own rationalizations for how they spend their money!

    1. P.S. You might try calling DayRunner and see if they will send you some. I one time asked DayTimer for some and was told that they didn't sell them separately but the customer service rep said she would look around and if she found some lying around she would send them to me... and she did! Personal-sized. Customer service at DayTimer is superb.