Thursday, September 13, 2012

Direction change from Filofaxes to Fitness

I recently (last month) dumped my ENTIRE personal-size Filofax set up in favor of a desk-sized Franklin Covey binder filled with DayTimer and Mead and Martha Stewart inserts!!!!  I know.  Blasphemy.  And such sweet sorrow to box up my Amazona.

It all started because I wanted more space to write in, so I was going to move into the larger A5 FF.  But then I couldn't find the refills I wanted for my A5 FF, and I was going mad.  It was REALLY ridiculous. One Saturday I drove all over town (and Los Angeles is a BIG town) and even borrowed a huge paper cutter at Utrecht so I could see how well a Rhodia notebook would fit into my A5.  There I was, pulling strings out of the spine then shoving the pages under the dull blade, cutting up a brand new notebook into less-than-straight sheets, knowing full well that I would still have to put in the labor of punching holes, and decided BAH, HUMBUG!  There's got to be a better way.

LOOOOONG story short, after another day-and-a-half of very focused (obsessed) shopping later in the week, I ended up with a beautiful binder that is serving me well.  It's pretty damn cool, I must say.  There were some happy accidents along the way.  I want to use it for a couple of more months to make sure it stands the test of time before posting pics.  The hardest part was finding a decent binder!  I went to six or seven different office supply stores in one day before I found a lovely, dark brown, saddle leather Franklin Covey binder.  It reminds me of my Kendal, but not as soft.  I found it at Staples.  It wasn't at any of the other three Staples stores I went to, nor at any of the Office Depots or the Office Max, so it was no wonder that I danced in the aisle when I found this beauty.  Overall, the FC and Day Timer binder choices are pitiful. However, the insert choices are exciting, the exact inverse of the Filofax line.

So, my intention now is to blog about a fitness program I just started, but WHO KNOWS if that will really happen!  I mean, the program is happening, but blogging about it takes a back seat.

Catch you all later, and hope your organizational dreams are coming true!!!  Love.


  1. Nancy! So nice to see a post from you pop up in my reader.

    I swapped to DayTimer Desk size for about two months this year. I was using a lovely leather binder I bought from, made by Rustico. Just a very simple, super sturdy leather binder with a very precise 7 ring binder mechanism. It looks lovely and feels lovely, but I eventually realized that it was just far to big and bulky for my needs.

    I was also floored by the choice available in this format. So many (functional) diary formats, so many cool inserts, so many manufacturers to choose from, such ease at printing for it (statement size paper!).

    Now it sits, unused, on a bookcase at home. I'm back in my Cavendish Filofax now, stuffed with daytimer 2PPD inserts, tons of reference info, and lots and lots of contacts, plus all my wallet stuff. It is somewhat less convenient but so much easier to tote around in one hand.

    Looking forward to seeing your setup!

  2. Hi, Josh! Thanks for the nice note! I can see how, as a man, it's harder to carry around a big ole' binder. And I don't mix my wallet with my planner - that turned into a wallet/planner fail.

    That being said, I'm hoping my system lasts longer than two months! All that upheaval is tiresome and - perhaps, at times - a distraction from other pressures in life. I hope to be able to keep my nose to the grindstone on current, multiple, priorities without having a planner flail/fail!

    Then again, sometimes the distraction is exactly what I need.

    Be well.

  3. Nice! I'm toying with the idea of a 7-ring for home and such. Love my A5's, but the inserts available in the other brand binder--as you wrote--ooh la la!

    Looking forward to reading how it goes for you. Take care!

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Sandra!

  5. Concur with all of the above. It is especially challenging to have a beautiful A5 Filofax binder (or several!) and have to print and hole punch your own inserts. While I appreciate the beautiful inserts from the Philofaxy group, I just don't have the means or the patient to print and hole punch them if needing large quantities. Being in the US, I always used FC or some version of a 7 ring binder for the past 20+ years. Then the FC stores started closing, I wasn't satisfied with their offerings, the pickings were getting slim in binder offerings (from FC and other brands) so I started using Filofax. I love my A5's but have been contemplating picking up a 7 ring for a project I have going as I know it will be so much easier to get inserts for it (plastics and paper!) and the variety is endless as you said. Plus for us in the US we can pick up inserts anywhere. Keep us posted on how it goes for you!

  6. Hi, Cheryl, thanks for commenting! Yes, the DIY printing-and-punching part is more complicated than it first appears. I finally gave up and took the path of least resistance. The person that pushed me into the arms of USA-based binders and inserts is Martha Stewart! Her lined paper has just the right spacing for me, and the dotted blue lines are so pretty! Also, her section dividers are adorable! I was so relieved to find an FC binder that I actually like to pick up and caress. Tactile pleasure is a critical part of actually using an organizational system, for me.

  7. Glad I happened upon this post. I'd really love to use an A5 Filofax but it just doesn't make sense here in the US. A5 refills are NOT available but 5-1/2x8-1/2 refills are everywhere.

    I've been a Franklin Covey user for 20 years but have been contemplating a change. I've used the compact (because of the extra 1/2 inch) and am not sure I can go to the smaller personal FF size. Not sure I can go to the larger A5/Classic either. I have a problem, don't I?!

    I've been reading that a lot of planner lovers (like myself) get supplies at Staples. I've never been. There is a store about half an hour away and I guess I need to head over there and check things out.

    I added your site to my Google Reader.

  8. Hey, Patty (yes, I went to your blog!) -

    I just sold seven of my filofaxes and now have two A5, two personal, two pocket, and one mini. NONE of them are my main organizer, now. I used a personal FF for the first part of the year but, reluctantly, switched to a mish-mash of Franklin Covey, Day Timer, Day Runner and Mead in the desk/classic size and, now, am very happy with my new system. It is so nice to be able to access so many different inserts! I moved up to a larger size because I use my planner as a combo planner/journal and wanted larger pages to write on. Also, through diligent hunting in stores and online (including Ebay), I've found some nice binders. In addition, Staples sells plastic three-ring binders in a rainbow assortment of colors in the 8.5 x 5.5 inch size for $6.99. They have a black rubber edging and are great for storing extra inserts. They have D-rings so they treat my pages with TLC. I just ordered a separate storage sleeve and case from Amazon made by Franklin Covey for archiving, I'm waiting on it. The storage sleeve and case that came with my Day Timer 2013 day-on-two-pages refills is beautiful!! Again, with a D-ring, and the pages are actually easy to flip and read within the storage sleeve, unlike the Filofax storage binders. Those binders S-U-C-K!!! I bought two in two different sizes and I felt so ripped off.

    I say buy the larger size and some inserts and try it out and be done with it!!! If that's no good for you, stick with the smaller size and, most importantly, acknowledge that NOTHING will be perfect!!! We have to live with that. But, actually, I should ask you what you mean by "have been contemplating a change"?

    Answer me that.