Monday, February 27, 2012

Training my mini Topaz to lie flat AND my purpose for her

Take one mini Topaz (in Pale Blue, can you believe it?  ADORABLE.):

One ceramic candle dish from World Imports (we use ours to hold drinks):

Side view of dish:

Two heavy bookends.  I've had these since I was a teenager, I have no idea how I came to possess them, but they are quite nice.  Made of quartz?  No idea.  Suggestions welcome!  I never put them to use because they were always tippy due to the fact that the felt on the bottom didn't extend under the toes.  This weekend I finally soaked both of them and removed the felt.  TA-DAH!  Beautiful, serviceable objects.

Combine all ingredients and leave to 'bake'.

Remove from the oven when leather smell becomes irresistible and you have to peek.

Much improved.

I bought this mini when I was on a spending spree in January.  I needed to spend all my birthday and Christmas money before it burned a hole in my pocket.  I didn't want to lose my money on the street, so I spent it online.  I decided to buy an FF in EVERY SIZE.  Got some great deals on EBay and through Pens and Leather.  I had fawned over this pale blue topaz for some time but resisted since it was marked at $80 on P&L.  All the other mini Topazes were marked down to $40.  But I really, really, wanted that aqua-colored Topaz!  And there was only ONE LEFT (action-inspiring words).  Finally, my husband said, "Just BUY IT and be done with it.  Otherwise you won't stop thinking about it and you'll waste all kinds of time trying to hunt it down elsewhere."  So I stuck it in my cart.  Then I went to my cart and - SUDDEN INHALATION OF BREATH - it was marked down to $40!  The Goddess of Consumption smiled on me that night.  

The color doesn't display properly, it's more beautiful in person, but I don't want to take the time to run it through an editor.  And it's purpose?  It's my constant companion.  It's so small I can keep it on my desk or in my pocket or in my purse, wherever I am.  On the kitchen counter.  You get the idea.  I use it to write down any and everything, and then later move the notes into the appropriate FF.  I find it facilitates clearing out my inbox, too.  I used to try to put stuff immediately into the proper FF, with no intermediary steps, but my  larger FF's are usually in my purse or on the dining table and, additionally, simply take up too much space on my small desk.  Just writing everything down in here, and then sorting at the end of the day at the dining table, is so much easier.  And ease is what it's all about.

I don't really need that little notepad on the left, but it's just SO cute AND it's the same color as the creme inserts that came with the FF.  I got it from an esoteric local stationery store.  I also like that it covers the card slots; it looked too empty with the slots exposed.  The To Do sheets just happened to be in the FF, so I'm using them.  I will also use the remaining inserts - i.e.: WO2PP - because these are all pages that are for notes that will be thrown away so it doesn't matter what they look like.  And I have no use for mini WO2P (did I speak too soon?!).

If you look closely at the notepad, you can see one of the main reasons I'm on such an organizing tear, "I do what I say I'll do."  That's the person I'm working to be.

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