Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tracking my work hours

Bought this at Office Max to keep track of the hours I work from home.  I keep it on my desk and find it's better than tracking in my planner because I can see the whole week at once. I've tried many methods, including online trackers, but having it right in front of me is best.  8.5 x 5.5 inches in size.  In the very lower right-hand corner it says "adams 9507".


  1. I have seen one of those before. I thought of buying it. Have you been using it for a while? Do you like it?

    1. Lime Tree - unfortunately, that proved to be a waste of money because I'm not using it anymore. It took up too much room in my work space and it was too susceptible to losing pages. It did, however, delight my inner child who still enjoys playing 'store' with her imaginary cash register.

      I am now using my pocket Urban for keeping me on task with work. I use a TO DO sheet for each day, dating it at the top, and write down my tasks for the day/as I go. It really helps me focus. I reserve the last line to keep a tally of each half hour I work. I have large projects listed in my Outlook, but use the To Do sheets to break the projects down into small, manageable pieces. I have found this very helpful in overcoming the anxiety that accompanies large projects that last for long periods of time.

      I am also using MO2P in the Urban to write down the total number of hours worked each day. At the end of the week I circle the total for the week.

      So far, so good! Good luck!!

  2. Maybe if that was a Filofax insert you would use it more? hehe
    I just asked Ray if he could do something similar. I want to use that tracking thingy. On my Filofax of course! :)

  3. @Nancy, Is it OK if I link to this page and use your picture?

    @Lime Tree, Thanks for the tip-off.

    @Both, this should be up in a week or so. If you want an early look, send me an email (ray DOT blake AT gmail DOT com).

  4. @ Nancy, I mean the picture of your time sheet.

  5. Here it is: