Tuesday, February 21, 2012

She's a real hardworking girl. My new personal Kendal Filofax.

[Yes, there is a picture in this post, but only one.  And it's at the very end.]

I got her!  My new, personal size Kendal.  I bought her on Valentine's day and I've just drafted her into service.

I tried ordering her a month or so ago from an EBay dealer and was told that they were out-of-stock and they didn't know why Ebay had posted the listing.  Told me the Kendal was discontinued.

Tell me something I don't know.

So I kept wandering back to the Japanese stationery store where they have a large glass case to display their FFs.  Every time they see me walk in, biting my lip, they know to get out the keys.

I had picked up the Kendal and handled her on at least three different visits, but each time I left her on the shelf.  I admired her as a hardworking girl, a country girl. Leather tough, yet smooth like a saddle.  Rich brown color, not afraid to get dirty.  My type of girl.

She has TWO pen loops that lay in the RIGHT direction, away from the rings. She has so much common sense.  And she has that oh-so-rare to find EXTERNAL slit pocket on her backside.  Even better, the pocket is secured when the strap is snapped shut.  So smart.  So functional.

I wanted her.  I really wanted her.  I suspected she would make a good member of my FF family, but I wasn't sure.  And she wasn't pretty.  She wore her hair in a pony tail instead of flat-ironed and loose.  I want glamour in my FFs!  Amazonas!  Osterleys!  Regencys!

Then one day I went into my favorite FF shop in Santa Monica and asked the owner what type of FF she used.  She pulled out an old, darkened, bulging, personal size Kendal, saying, "I love it."  "Oh!  Can I hold her?!"  "Uh, sure."  I stroked the cover, marveling aloud at the worn texture.  I immediately handed it back to her, concerned that she might worry about my intentions.  Plus I found myself thinking, "What the hell am I doing?"

I asked her if it lay flat (the one I had been circling at the stationery store did not) and she said, "Um, let's see." How could she not know already?!  She laid it open on the table and we both witnessed the less-than-flush-to-the-table position of the covers.  "Oh, yeah", she said, "I guess not.  But it doesn't really matter, I can still use it."

Doesn't really matter.  Doesn't really matter.  Doesn't really matter.  My god, she just might be right.

Kendal rolled around in my head for a couple of more days.  I had gotten past the idea of needing her to lay flat, but I still needed to match form with function.  Rough and tough, she needed to serve a rough and tough purpose.  She couldn't be my on-the-go FF, I prefer something sexy and girly for that.  What could I use her for...?  Ah-ha!!  I got it!!  She can hold all my experiments in movement and physical fitness!  Keeping physically fit is a big part of my life.  In addition to regular training, I also experiment with different movement forms, trends, and disciplines, so I end up accumulating a bunch of notes about different people, places, and things I want to check out.  And I want to track injuries and illnesses in the family. And note any competition preparations.  I can have a movement wish list.  Track weight loss/gain.  Note and plan for my youngest son's physical activities.  And sometimes I just like to journal about this particular interest.

Kendal would become my All About the Body FiloFax.

Soon as I knew her purpose, I became nervous, wondering if she had already been snatched up.  I got to the store as quickly as I could.  And now she lives with me.

I've just started with the decorating and rearranging of inserts.  Today was the very first day that I put her to use.  I got up early this morning and felt compelled to write.  I set up a 3.7" x 6.7" page in Word with a .5" margin all around (except for the bottom, it was .3") and typed and typed.  Oh, and I set the left gutter to .2" to move the text away from the rings.

When I was finished, I printed out all the odd sheets.  Then I saved a copy of the document (one for printing odd-numbered pages, one for printing even-numbered pages), and switched the margins to .7" on the right and removed the left gutter (reducing it to 0; I couldn't but a gutter on the right, so this was my workaround).  I then printed all the even-numbered pages on the backs of the other pages I had already printed.  I messed up once, but got it straight the second time.  And the pages look so good!  I had fourteen pages and they ended up looking like a little paperback!  So cute!  And SO much easier than writing by hand.  See picture, below.

I must go to bed now, morning comes awfully early!


  1. Nancy, I've got a personal Kendal too. Love it dearly. So sad it's been discontinued. Would love to buy an A5 version. Enjoy it!

  2. Josh, I JUST ordered an A5 last night after caressing one yesterday in person at my local (45 mins to an hour drive each direction!) FF store! The one at the store lay completely flat (unlike my orange Finsbury A5, which I'm just starting to use... it's my first A5) and just seemed so... calm. I ordered my Kendal off EBay at a Buy Now price of $99 plus shipping; totaled $107.90. I think there were a total of ten available. I'm in the USA, so I bought it off the US Amazon site; not sure where you are or if they are available via Amazon UK. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

    1. Josh, I just looked at your profile (that's using my noodle) and see that you are in the US. If you've got the cash, you're golden!