Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is this REALLY an appropriate Valentine's Day gift for a 10-year-old boy?!

Check this out. My Valentine's Day gift to my ten-year-old son not only included chocolate and a five-dollar bill, but the above-pictured office supply items.  He keeps blank index cards and a couple of mechanical pencils in his cargo pants and is constantly drawing other-worldly creatures on the cards.  At home, the cards end up laying around in small piles, so I gave him a card tray to contain them.  The card tray is pretty cool because it has a plastic thingie inside that slides back and forth to create a snug fit for the cards.  I use one to store new and old pocket-sized Filofax inserts.

Man-child had also been asking for sheet protectors for his drawings, similar to the ones that hold his Magic The Gathering cards (baseball card size), so I gave him some sheets that hold 3.5 x 5 photos.  Index cards are 3 x 5, so it's a close fit (although he was a BIT disappointed that they didn't fit perfectly... poor thing.  I know the burden he bears).  I also gave him a stack of index cards with a graph printed on one side since he had never played with those.  He thought those were cool although he DID comment upon the fact that one line of boxes, both horizontally and vertically, are cut off, incomplete.

Hard row to hoe, hard row to hoe.

Now I'm off to join him in shifting and shuffling paper products, happy as hogs in mud.


  1. I'm 42 yrs old. But if this is the kind of presents you buy your kids...Can you adopt me? ;)

  2. :-D

    You can always buy for your inner child and justify the expense as a form of self-nuturing.