Friday, February 17, 2012

Storing my Filofax inserts

I recently purchased a 'card tray' at Office Depot.  It's for the huge index cards (5x8?).  I was looking for something in which to store my personal-sized Filofax inserts.  Laying them flat and paper-clipped in the original, individual FF boxes wasn't cutting it, it just made me confused because I couldn't see them.

So this seems like a workable solution.  I think the box was around twelve buckeroos.

This is what it looks like with the lid on.

And this is the one I use for pocket-sized inserts (it's a card tray for 3x5 index cards).  Note that the majority of the inserts are blank index cards that I had hole-punched by Office Depot last year.  They did it for very cheap.  Of course, I hardly used any of them because I switched to a different system within a month or two of having the cards punched.

Right now I'm on the tail end of a Filofax hunting and gathering frenzy.  I started January with only one Filofax, the pocket-sized Urban.  Now I have (all leather,and not counting the Urban) one A5, two personal, two compact, one slimline, three pockets, and one mini.

Yes, my Christmas and birthday money went kaplooey.  I love my FFs.


  1. Nice! This is what I should get. Right now I'm using a square box that I happened to have. It's fine for right now, but I'm going to run out of room in it fairly quickly. Thanks for the suggestion!