Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Slew of Day Timer inserts fit my Personal size Filofaxes perfectly!

Look at my haul from Day-Timer.  I bought seven different inserts!  "Inserts, inserts, inserts!", said my husband, "I've never heard the word 'inserts' so many times in such a short period in my life!"  

I had a coupon and decided to scratch every itch so I would stop dog-earring and highlighting and writing semi-illegible comments in my Day-Timer catalog.  I've only opened the double-punched blue-and-white  lists and the scrubs-green stickies.   

I got the green stickies because they have wider lines than the popular, yellow, sticky pad sold by Day-Timer - those lines are too narrow for me.  There are two pads per package.  One pad now sits on my kitchen counter and acts as a 'need now!' grocery/sundry list.  It supplements the one on my fridge.  I've instructed the household to write items on the green list if they  need the item asap.  I then rip off the list and stick it in my personal Amazona before I leave the house in the morning.  I place it on the transparent sheet I keep between my day-on-two-pages sheets.  Where did I read that idea?  About taking the transparent sheet that comes with each new FF and using it as a page marker?  Sorry I can't give credit, but it was a brilliant idea!  (Step forward, whoever you are!)  I stuck an Avery tab at the top of the transparent sheet and wrote 'TODAY' on it.  So much better than the rulers because nothing is obscured.  I also made a quick snip from the margin to each hole (no need to cut away any material, just snip it) so I can move the sheet without opening the rings.  

I just started using the double-punched blue list (again, similar to the popular yellow ones, but with wider lines, and not sticky) today.  The double punch is clever, especially if you use week-on-1-page, because you can flip your list to display either on the left or the right side of your FF, depending which edge is attached to the rings.  For now - for now - I'm going to keep a running list of small tasks that are not time-sensitive and see how I like it.  I think I'll keep it on the page PRIOR to the page I'm on so it doesn't obscure the important matters of the day.  Not sure, really, how I'll use these, probably more as a brain dump than anything else.  We'll see.

More delights, below, which I will open when I'm good-and-ready to savor them. When I can set aside some time to play dress-up with my dollies.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Training my mini Topaz to lie flat AND my purpose for her

Take one mini Topaz (in Pale Blue, can you believe it?  ADORABLE.):

One ceramic candle dish from World Imports (we use ours to hold drinks):

Side view of dish:

Two heavy bookends.  I've had these since I was a teenager, I have no idea how I came to possess them, but they are quite nice.  Made of quartz?  No idea.  Suggestions welcome!  I never put them to use because they were always tippy due to the fact that the felt on the bottom didn't extend under the toes.  This weekend I finally soaked both of them and removed the felt.  TA-DAH!  Beautiful, serviceable objects.

Combine all ingredients and leave to 'bake'.

Remove from the oven when leather smell becomes irresistible and you have to peek.

Much improved.

I bought this mini when I was on a spending spree in January.  I needed to spend all my birthday and Christmas money before it burned a hole in my pocket.  I didn't want to lose my money on the street, so I spent it online.  I decided to buy an FF in EVERY SIZE.  Got some great deals on EBay and through Pens and Leather.  I had fawned over this pale blue topaz for some time but resisted since it was marked at $80 on P&L.  All the other mini Topazes were marked down to $40.  But I really, really, wanted that aqua-colored Topaz!  And there was only ONE LEFT (action-inspiring words).  Finally, my husband said, "Just BUY IT and be done with it.  Otherwise you won't stop thinking about it and you'll waste all kinds of time trying to hunt it down elsewhere."  So I stuck it in my cart.  Then I went to my cart and - SUDDEN INHALATION OF BREATH - it was marked down to $40!  The Goddess of Consumption smiled on me that night.  

The color doesn't display properly, it's more beautiful in person, but I don't want to take the time to run it through an editor.  And it's purpose?  It's my constant companion.  It's so small I can keep it on my desk or in my pocket or in my purse, wherever I am.  On the kitchen counter.  You get the idea.  I use it to write down any and everything, and then later move the notes into the appropriate FF.  I find it facilitates clearing out my inbox, too.  I used to try to put stuff immediately into the proper FF, with no intermediary steps, but my  larger FF's are usually in my purse or on the dining table and, additionally, simply take up too much space on my small desk.  Just writing everything down in here, and then sorting at the end of the day at the dining table, is so much easier.  And ease is what it's all about.

I don't really need that little notepad on the left, but it's just SO cute AND it's the same color as the creme inserts that came with the FF.  I got it from an esoteric local stationery store.  I also like that it covers the card slots; it looked too empty with the slots exposed.  The To Do sheets just happened to be in the FF, so I'm using them.  I will also use the remaining inserts - i.e.: WO2PP - because these are all pages that are for notes that will be thrown away so it doesn't matter what they look like.  And I have no use for mini WO2P (did I speak too soon?!).

If you look closely at the notepad, you can see one of the main reasons I'm on such an organizing tear, "I do what I say I'll do."  That's the person I'm working to be.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moleskine Cahier within personal-sized Filofax Amazona; also some comments about Frixions and Caran D'Arche

I'm posting these two pictures as a response to Plannerisms question as to how to more easily incorporate journaling with her planner set-up.  She uses a pocket-sized Moleskin PO1D (tell me, is it more 'proper' to say "page on one day [PO1D]" or "one day per page [1DPP]"?  Really, tell me!), so this personal-sized Filofax is a different animal, but they can both benefit from the addition of a moleskine cahier.

With my set-up, I slip the front cover of a pocket-sized cahier into the diagonal slit pocket located inside the front cover of my Amazona.  It stays in place quite well.  It also fits completely inside the pocket, but when I kept it like that I didn't use it as often.  It's easy to just pull it out of the pocket, too, and take it with me into a coffee shop, leaving my Amazona in the car.  Sometimes it's hard to write when my planner - with all of its tasks - is too nearby.

I use one of those little magnetized, super-light-weight, bookmarks as a page locator. 

RE: writing implements...

That's a Frixion pen on the right, in pink.  LOVE Frixions.  They allow me to write in color on my planning pages without bleed through and without permanency.  In case you are not familiar with them, they are ERASABLE.  They use a special, hard, rounded tip at the top of the pen to erase marks with friction - thus the name.  I have found, though, that I have to store them eraser-side UP in my pen cups in order to avoid dirtying the erasers.  You CAN clean off the erasers, but if you don't realize that they are dirty and you go to use them - bleh.

On the left, I have a Caran D'Arche pencil.  LOVE IT.  It's the only mechanical pencil I've ever been fond of, and I've tried a LOT.  I've tried SO many sold at your standard big-box office supply store and was always frustrated with them, but I finally ponied up the cash ($20) and took the plunge on a state-of-the-art pencil.  And it actually works.  Very little breakage (that's typically been my big problem).  It also feels great in the hand (a faceted barrel) and slips easily into my FF pen loops because it is so slim.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Filofax white paper vs creme paper - thickness

On the left, a stack of Filofax WO2P in white.  On the right, a stack of Filofax WO2P in creme.  Until I saw the two filed one behind the other in my storage box, I hadn't realized how much thicker the creme paper is than the white.  I've never actually used the creme paper since I typically don't use the WO2P inserts that are standard issue with new FFs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

She's a real hardworking girl. My new personal Kendal Filofax.

[Yes, there is a picture in this post, but only one.  And it's at the very end.]

I got her!  My new, personal size Kendal.  I bought her on Valentine's day and I've just drafted her into service.

I tried ordering her a month or so ago from an EBay dealer and was told that they were out-of-stock and they didn't know why Ebay had posted the listing.  Told me the Kendal was discontinued.

Tell me something I don't know.

So I kept wandering back to the Japanese stationery store where they have a large glass case to display their FFs.  Every time they see me walk in, biting my lip, they know to get out the keys.

I had picked up the Kendal and handled her on at least three different visits, but each time I left her on the shelf.  I admired her as a hardworking girl, a country girl. Leather tough, yet smooth like a saddle.  Rich brown color, not afraid to get dirty.  My type of girl.

She has TWO pen loops that lay in the RIGHT direction, away from the rings. She has so much common sense.  And she has that oh-so-rare to find EXTERNAL slit pocket on her backside.  Even better, the pocket is secured when the strap is snapped shut.  So smart.  So functional.

I wanted her.  I really wanted her.  I suspected she would make a good member of my FF family, but I wasn't sure.  And she wasn't pretty.  She wore her hair in a pony tail instead of flat-ironed and loose.  I want glamour in my FFs!  Amazonas!  Osterleys!  Regencys!

Then one day I went into my favorite FF shop in Santa Monica and asked the owner what type of FF she used.  She pulled out an old, darkened, bulging, personal size Kendal, saying, "I love it."  "Oh!  Can I hold her?!"  "Uh, sure."  I stroked the cover, marveling aloud at the worn texture.  I immediately handed it back to her, concerned that she might worry about my intentions.  Plus I found myself thinking, "What the hell am I doing?"

I asked her if it lay flat (the one I had been circling at the stationery store did not) and she said, "Um, let's see." How could she not know already?!  She laid it open on the table and we both witnessed the less-than-flush-to-the-table position of the covers.  "Oh, yeah", she said, "I guess not.  But it doesn't really matter, I can still use it."

Doesn't really matter.  Doesn't really matter.  Doesn't really matter.  My god, she just might be right.

Kendal rolled around in my head for a couple of more days.  I had gotten past the idea of needing her to lay flat, but I still needed to match form with function.  Rough and tough, she needed to serve a rough and tough purpose.  She couldn't be my on-the-go FF, I prefer something sexy and girly for that.  What could I use her for...?  Ah-ha!!  I got it!!  She can hold all my experiments in movement and physical fitness!  Keeping physically fit is a big part of my life.  In addition to regular training, I also experiment with different movement forms, trends, and disciplines, so I end up accumulating a bunch of notes about different people, places, and things I want to check out.  And I want to track injuries and illnesses in the family. And note any competition preparations.  I can have a movement wish list.  Track weight loss/gain.  Note and plan for my youngest son's physical activities.  And sometimes I just like to journal about this particular interest.

Kendal would become my All About the Body FiloFax.

Soon as I knew her purpose, I became nervous, wondering if she had already been snatched up.  I got to the store as quickly as I could.  And now she lives with me.

I've just started with the decorating and rearranging of inserts.  Today was the very first day that I put her to use.  I got up early this morning and felt compelled to write.  I set up a 3.7" x 6.7" page in Word with a .5" margin all around (except for the bottom, it was .3") and typed and typed.  Oh, and I set the left gutter to .2" to move the text away from the rings.

When I was finished, I printed out all the odd sheets.  Then I saved a copy of the document (one for printing odd-numbered pages, one for printing even-numbered pages), and switched the margins to .7" on the right and removed the left gutter (reducing it to 0; I couldn't but a gutter on the right, so this was my workaround).  I then printed all the even-numbered pages on the backs of the other pages I had already printed.  I messed up once, but got it straight the second time.  And the pages look so good!  I had fourteen pages and they ended up looking like a little paperback!  So cute!  And SO much easier than writing by hand.  See picture, below.

I must go to bed now, morning comes awfully early!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's in YOUR pockets?

This is what I pulled out of my 10-year-old son's jeans before I put them in the washing machine.  Four mechanical pencils, one fortune cookie fortune, a rivet of some sort, two scraps of paper, a nanobug, and a pocket-sized moleskine kraft paper cahier.

BTW, it's great fun to turn on a nanobug and drop it down the shirt or pants of someone soon-to-be-dancing.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Storing my Filofax inserts

I recently purchased a 'card tray' at Office Depot.  It's for the huge index cards (5x8?).  I was looking for something in which to store my personal-sized Filofax inserts.  Laying them flat and paper-clipped in the original, individual FF boxes wasn't cutting it, it just made me confused because I couldn't see them.

So this seems like a workable solution.  I think the box was around twelve buckeroos.

This is what it looks like with the lid on.

And this is the one I use for pocket-sized inserts (it's a card tray for 3x5 index cards).  Note that the majority of the inserts are blank index cards that I had hole-punched by Office Depot last year.  They did it for very cheap.  Of course, I hardly used any of them because I switched to a different system within a month or two of having the cards punched.

Right now I'm on the tail end of a Filofax hunting and gathering frenzy.  I started January with only one Filofax, the pocket-sized Urban.  Now I have (all leather,and not counting the Urban) one A5, two personal, two compact, one slimline, three pockets, and one mini.

Yes, my Christmas and birthday money went kaplooey.  I love my FFs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ink Joy pens - one type good, one type bad

I bought some white-and-grey colored Ink Joy pens by Paper Mate a month or so ago and really enjoyed them.   A couple of days ago I bought a pack of seven (or eight?) from Target for less than $4.  I thought, "Wow!  Cheap.  They must be mis-marked!  Buy them quickly and leave."  However, they were definitely priced appropriately because they are lame.  The nib is really short and the barrel is short.  My fingers slide toward the tip when I write with the cheapies.  Not fun.

I looked at the white one and realized that it says 'Ink Joy 700 RT 1.0 m' and the others says 'Ink Joy 300 RT 1.0 m'.  Eh.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is this REALLY an appropriate Valentine's Day gift for a 10-year-old boy?!

Check this out. My Valentine's Day gift to my ten-year-old son not only included chocolate and a five-dollar bill, but the above-pictured office supply items.  He keeps blank index cards and a couple of mechanical pencils in his cargo pants and is constantly drawing other-worldly creatures on the cards.  At home, the cards end up laying around in small piles, so I gave him a card tray to contain them.  The card tray is pretty cool because it has a plastic thingie inside that slides back and forth to create a snug fit for the cards.  I use one to store new and old pocket-sized Filofax inserts.

Man-child had also been asking for sheet protectors for his drawings, similar to the ones that hold his Magic The Gathering cards (baseball card size), so I gave him some sheets that hold 3.5 x 5 photos.  Index cards are 3 x 5, so it's a close fit (although he was a BIT disappointed that they didn't fit perfectly... poor thing.  I know the burden he bears).  I also gave him a stack of index cards with a graph printed on one side since he had never played with those.  He thought those were cool although he DID comment upon the fact that one line of boxes, both horizontally and vertically, are cut off, incomplete.

Hard row to hoe, hard row to hoe.

Now I'm off to join him in shifting and shuffling paper products, happy as hogs in mud.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I drove up to the local Franklin-Covey store this morning, intent on browsing and procuring a storage box for my personal size Filofax pages.  I wasn't sure if they carried them, but I would surely enjoy the hunt.  Prior to entering the store I reviewed my black Amazona for too-intimate scribblings; I planned to censor as needed so that I could share my new bundle of joy with Franklin Covey manager Amy.  Amy knows of my affliction and accepts it with a cheerful smile.  I have told her about and  I have shown her many incarnations of planners as I flitted in and out of her store, more likely leaving empty-handed than not.  She was always friendly and kind.

Imagine my dismay when I saw that the pathway leading to the store was blocked by yellow and black tape!  And a construction truck was backed up to the entrance!!  Oh, no!!  I crossed the tape and stared in the windows at a scooped out shell of a promise.  Empty.  Torn up.  "This store is closed.  Visit us online or in [a city far away]."

My Amazona, ready for its close-up as is, stayed put in my purse.  And, I admit, I'm a bit relieved that there's one less person walking the streets of my neighborhood who senses the depth of my paper vice.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day-Timer customer service and page lifters - superb!

I love the customer service at Day-Timer, it's the best.  I've called them at least four or five times and they are always so patient!  They must have special training in how to handle us freaks who are about to cry because the paper on the wirebound two-pages-per-day isn't as smooth as they expected!  Haha!  Yes, that was me, and she offered to let me return the whole thing, but I decided I could live with it and - what do you know! - the next month's worth of pages was as smooth as a river rock.  As were all the rest.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share the fact that when I last called DT to ask if they sold page lifters (I had ONE from a cheapie DT binder I bought at Staples, the kind where the pages are undated and they include three different formats so you can try them out... be aware that the quality of the dated pages is better than the undated pages), and they said no, they don't sell them, they are only included in the binders they sell.  I was disappointed, because they are hard plastic and make for a smooth writing surface (take THAT, Maldens! I hate the placement of the Malden zippers...) AND they keep the pages at the front and the back of my binders from curving near the rings.  

HOWEVER, the gal happily volunteered to look around and see if there were spares and said she would mail them free-of-charge.  I said I would like three to five.  She mailed me five within the week.  So nice!!!

That's the end of that story.

Now here's another.

Yesterday I went to Francis Orr stationers in Beverly Hills for the first time.  I wanted to check out their Filofax stuff.  They had a great selection, including A4 portfolios!  Had never seen those.  But here's the macabre part of the story.  As I approached the store I tried to make a left on Wilshire Boulevard (a main thoroughfare) but it was blocked off.  No traffic for blocks, but a cop car with spinning lights waaaay down the street.   I thought, "That's weird.  So empty".  I went around.

An hour-and-a-half later, I heard on my car radio that Whitney Houston had died.  In a hotel on Wilshire, a few blocks from the store.  They must have closed down the street for blocks around in order to keep the paparazzi from getting in close and photographing the removal of her body.

Calendar as hot plate

I use the page-a-day tear-off calendar pads on my kitchen counter.  This is the third year I have bought one.  I really like them for random notes and as a place for me to list my foods until I have a chance to log them online at MyPlate.  Also, it acts as a good place to put hot things.  This morning I was boiling water in a small pot for my coffee and forgot about it because I was so engrossed in writing.  I smelled something burning, ran and found the pot empty of water, dumped it, and put it down briefly on the pad.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to turn Saturday and Sunday pages into 2-pages-per-day, like the rest of the week.

I started using the FiloFax two-pages-per-day inserts this year and am very happy with them EXCEPT for the fact that Saturday and Sunday only have ONE-page-per-day (hmm, seems as though the product has been misrepresented, don't you think?!).

Figured out an easy fix... just added in a single 'To-Do' sheet and it serves both days.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tracking my work hours

Bought this at Office Max to keep track of the hours I work from home.  I keep it on my desk and find it's better than tracking in my planner because I can see the whole week at once. I've tried many methods, including online trackers, but having it right in front of me is best.  8.5 x 5.5 inches in size.  In the very lower right-hand corner it says "adams 9507".

Friday, February 3, 2012

Black Amazona Filofax, personal size

Short, incomplete post but better to post something than nothing!  New set-up since January, switched over from DayTimer wirebound (which I rather adored).  Wanted more flexibility.  Love the big spaces on the to do list on the right hand side of the 2 pages per day (from Filofax).


Shopping for a Filofax and inserts and then setting it up JUST SO is like playing with dollies. The pages have to looks JUST SO, the tabs have to look pretty and color-coordinate and look JUST SO...