Sunday, June 26, 2011

New DayRunner monthly/weekly bound planner in my Ativa Mobil-IT padfolio

My current get-up.

I love my Ativa Mobil-IT padfolio. It holds my large Moleskine cahier and a DayRunner planner (brand-new additon, we'll see how long that lasts). I've been using it for almost the whole month of June to carry my daily planner (the cahier) and I love it. It's durable and holds paper/letters in the external front pocket. You can stick a business card in the slit on the front, too. I got it at Office Depot.


Here it is from the side, with my three pens/pencils. It holds the weekly/monthly planner, the cahier, and a notepad at the back. And it closes easily, I don't have to force it. The latch is very easy to open/close, yet is secure. It looks really big in this photo, but it's not!


I like having it open in the car on the seat next to me with the notepad showing. I jot stuff down and then funnel those notes to the appropriate places later on - that day, or days later!

The following photos, below, focus on the features of my new fuschia DayRunner. BTW, yes, it is stitched binding and lays open easily!


Note that I've hacked the padfolio. I used a seam-ripper and removed the useless and bumpy cellphone holder (too small) and the two pen holders (one on the left middle, one from the interior spine). This padfolio rocks because it has two vertical slits which allow me to carry two planners. Most padfolios have no or only one vertical slits.



I LURVE the large writing areas for both the monthly and weekly views, and unlined!! The weekly view has room for a small square post-it near the top to post a monthly goal (which may need to be carried over to the next month). Note that I can find my place easily with both the ribbon and the elastic band.


I've taken it out of the padfolio to show you all the features.




The following pages are at the back of the planner. There are three pages for notes. Not a ton of extras, which works for me because it keeps the book slim. The planner goes from July through the end of June for the weekly views, and through the month of July 2012 for the monthly views.



I think this could be a good page to plan out monthly goals. I wouldn't use it for bdays or anniversaries because I have a perpetual calendar on the fridge for that.





And here are some sample pages from my cahier. I date all the pages for one month and then fill them in one day at a time. I love having lots of space to write whatever I want for that day. It frees my mind. The x's in the boxes mean the task has been done; a horizontal line through the box means it wasn't done and I've moved it to another day. These pages can get very crowded!