Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Freebies to the first person(s) who emails me their address

I have a box of Misfit Planners, and I hate to see them live out the rest of their lives in the dark. Planners are meant to be used and loved! If you would like either or both of the two items below, email me your mailing address and I will send them off to you, stat.

At-A-Glance monthly and BusyBodyBooks weekly tear-off sheets

The larger item is a BusyBodyBook Undated Weekly Grid Pad, which I purchased via BusyBodyBook. It originally had a magnet on the back, but I tore that off because I was using it in a binder. There are thirty sheets left to the pad, and each piece of paper is quite heavy and of high quality. Go to the website to see examples of how people use it. You might have seen the spiral-bound BusyBodyBook (which I have - more on that, later!) sold on the Franklin Covey site. This is your opportunity to see how you like living with a grid planner.

BBB weekly, close-up

The second item is [NOTE: no longer available] an At-a-Glance Monthly 2 year 2011/2012 Planner 3.25 x 5.75. Oh, how I coveted this little guy! I've shown it with a Sharpie next to it so you can get a sense of scale. It just feels really good in the hand with the considerate, rounded corners. You can see that I wrote the letters UC on the cover with a silver Sharpie, but I've covered it (almost) with a black Sharpie.

A-A-G close-up

Inside, the monthly blocks are BLANK, UNLINED (HOORAH!) and quite roomy for an item this small. I did use part of January, but I used a pencil only and have erased all entries. The calendar goes through December 2012. I will include a replaceable Avery tab as a monthly marker.

Inside of a-a-g

Obviously I've abandoned these friends in favor of my current relationship with my Filofax, but I hate to see them go to waste. First come, first serve! Email me [NOTE: the At-A-Glance is already taken].


  1. Love that At-a-Glance-Planner. What is the size called? Maybe I can find it somewhere.

  2. Hi, Jotje - I just added the dimensions to the post, above. I also added a way to contact me via email (at the bottom of the post) if you would like me to mail it to you. Just send me your mailing address, if you feel comfortable doing that. Realized as I drove the kidlet to school that I didn't have a method of contacting me on the site! Doh!