Saturday, February 26, 2011


Although this post deviates from the usual microscopic examination of paper as an organizing tool, it does deal with organizing principles at the macro level of our lives and so I hope you find it an acceptable addition to the current genre of this blog.

My DH often sends me links to heart-wrenching articles to inform my day. I think it's difficult for him to read them, and I would rather not read them myself, but I do as a way to bear witness with him. Yesterday he sent me a link to an article on the devastating earthquake in New Zealand.

He's not a morbid person. I think he reads these stories as a way of reinforcing fundamental characteristics which constantly inspire me. He has an acutely developed appreciation for all the good that is already a part of his life - his family, his/our health - and he rejects materialism as a source of satisfaction.

He has his priorities straight, his house is in order. The article he sent me yesterday reminded me of how important that is.

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