Saturday, February 19, 2011

Planner mania and the Quo Vadis Minister

Mid-way (I hope) through a bad cold, no enthusiasm for extolling the value of a consumer good, per my usual posts.

This morning, as I slowly adjusted from sleep to waking, a thought skittered through my brain, "Oh, no! Another day of obsessing over planners!" I've been infected by planner-mania for the last four months to a degree I've never felt before, partially due to the fact that I decided to let this preoccupation of mine run it's course, rather than forcing it into hiding with a foul-mouthed streak of self-criticism. I decided that perhaps I know what I'm doing instead of considering myself a fool. However, I would rather be done with it and get on to the rest of my life, the reason why I plan and organize -- to be able to have the time to do what I want without a nagging sense that something has gone undone, or unattended to.

That goal may be where the trouble lies, perhaps it's a fool's dream. Time (as recorded on lines spaced in a pleasing fashion, not too close together and not too dark so as not to dominate the space) will tell.

Last night, before my blood-shot eyes closed for a few hours, I ordered the Quo Vadis Minister Habana weekly planner (evidence of Laurie's influence) using my newly-beloved netbook, in the dark, from bed. Clicking through the final steps of paying via PayPal I could feel my delirium mount, a combination of surging fever and anxiety. My worried self advised a moment of reconsideration, yet-another mental review of how, EXACTLY, would I incorporate this new material object into a position of usefulness into my life? Would it REALLY be worth the almost $20 cost of purchase (including shipping) and subsequent upheaval inherent in transitioning from one planning system to another?

That squeaky, plaintive question was dismissed by the gruff, impatient realization that I couldn't stomach the thought of poring over any more dimensions and features of weekly vertical planners any longer. Screw it. Buy it already and be done with it. I'll never know if it will serve it's imagined purpose if I don't have it.

It's on its way.

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