Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here's how I use my Urban Filofax - Part Two

As a follow-up to the post that started this blog, I wanted to let you know that I re-vamped my pocket-sized Filofax Urban Slate Pocket Organizer - FF-024463. Being new to ring binders, I found that my long-held uneasiness with ring binders re-surfaced after gray reality dissipated the honeymoon glow. To wit:

  1. I don't like writing on pages with rings. It's awkward, especially on the verso.
  2. I felt I could lose the pages, as if they would rip out with use or go astray during storage. I'm rough on material objects and I was unsettled by the fragility of the system.
  3. I don't like the idea of being tied to the Filofax as a long-term wallet. I DO like using it as my wallet right NOW, but I'm a serial monogamist with my wallets and foresee a break-up in our future. I've been wracking my brain devising a way to split things into easily reassembled components, components that could live in different environments as a unit.

To that end, I stripped the innards of the FF, pulling all calendar and planning pages, leaving only index cards and two inconsequential tabbed categories.

Stripped down filofax.

The index cards are the most important part of my Filo. They are THE reason why I carry a pocket-sized ring binder. I've tried numerous index-card-carrying methods, and I like this the best. They are easily accessible and protected during travel. I write on them all the time - in the car, standing in line at stores, etc. I just move the tab each time I use a card so I can always flip right to an empty one.

I put my beautiful, Japanese planner pages in storage - *sob* - and finally bought one of those AT-A-GLANCE Recycled Weekly Planner, 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 Inches, Black, 2011 (70-035-05).

Pocket monthly open

I've wanted one for years but thought it was too small but, now that I can restrain myself from writing with a paintbrush, it serves my purposes perfectly. I LOVE it. Adore the rounded corners, unlined blocks of space, and spiral binding. Gosh. Gush. It slips right into the front of my filo and slips out, too, for ease of writing. [Note - I carry four or five post-its stuck to a credit card; also, I started utilizing an idea I recently came across of inserting a tarot card in a plastic sleeve ].

At-a-glance monthly inserted into slit pocket

The weekly calendar fits into the billfold of another wallet I already have. If (when) I switch wallets, I might use the Oxford At-Hand Notecard Case, referred to in an earlier post. Or I might have to buy a LEATHER Filofax as my new wallet. Have to.

I'm still using my Moleskine Plain Cahier Journal Kraft Pocket: set of 3 Plain Journals to plan each day and I'm LOVING IT. They are just like me - messy, dirty, colorful, flexible, ambitious and near tears, yet very functional and effective. I can change the layout daily, as I please. The At-A-Glance weekly planner keeps me on track. It's just like my husband - clean, tidy, and conveying only what's necessary.

Now I just stick the cahier in the billfold. I got tired of messing around with the clip I used to use to hold it against the inside back cover. So what if it sticks out a little? And do you like the teeny little re-placeable tab in the cahier? I love those Avery tabs, they are so durable and useful. I bought mine at Office Max.

In addition to this all-in-one wallet/weekly planner/daily planner/index card holder/pen holder/pencil holder, I carry a PaperBlanks notebook.

Paperblanks journal

It is so beautiful, the picture doesn't really do it justice. Here's a close-up:

Paperblanks journal cover - detail

It's what I use when I want to write AT LENGTH, and without a keyboard. My Varsity disposal fountain pen is a joy to use on the heavy pages - bleed-thru is negligible. I'm hankering for the Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen Assorted Ink 7-Pack Pouch. Some other month.

So this, plus my phone and lip balm, is what I put in my purse before I leave the house, and take out of it when I return.

Ready to go.

With these few items, I'm good to go, ready to respond to any phone call or email. More importantly, I'm primed for some alone time at a cafe.

P.S. Here's how I store my index cards and my abandoned Filofax inserts. I bought mine at Office Depot. It's just like this one at Amazon - Globe-Weis Fiberboard Index Card Storage Box - but a different color. FF pages are at the back of the box, after the first tab. I have partially-used one-day-per-page inserts, two types of one-week-per-page, one one-week-per-two-pages, and two types of one-month-per-two-pages... all abandoned!! The gray-blue, goldenrod, and gray tabs came with the Urban FF but were so dreary I yanked them immediately. Most of the index cards in this box are blank, just a few at the front are written on.

Here it is closed:

Index card and pocket filofax pages storage - exterior

And opened:

Index card and pocket filofax pages storage - interior

That's all for today's "Report on Office Supplies in Excruciatingly Painful Detail". Thank you, and good night.


  1. Love it! I can see the plus of having your whole year undisrupted in one little booklet. Amazing how you still squeeze that all into one Pocket Filofax, I have to say!

    Love that storage box where the Pocket sized pages fit so snuggly inside!

  2. Glad you like it, Jotje! You'll have to post back and let me know what you are going to use the pocket-sized Monthly At-A-Glance for. Have a good weekend!

  3. Nancy, I received your little presents today! Thank you very much for the lovely card and that gorgeous littel AAG planner! And the stickers, I feel I have really been spoiled!!!
    I already inserted the planner in my Personal Malden (in the Notepad-pocket on the right side). I've always struggled with the usual Mo2P inserts of Filofax, because the boxes are so tiny. And now I have a planner that is smaller that the Personal, but yet with bigger daily boxes. Big plus: it lasts till Dec 2012. I use the monthly pages to keep track of my DH's crazy and irregular working schedule (sometimes I have to make arrangements that are more than a year from now!). I am the one managing his schedule, and I always have to consider his working days before making appointments of my own. I am really thrilled with this little thing!

    Also, thank you for the donut holes ... ;-) I will be using those for color-coded events and dates. They are so cute and tiny!!!
    The stickers are perfect as well for my weekly diary and calendar! Although I don't suppose I'll manage to get my nail done that often .... ;-)

  4. Jotje - Yay, glad you like them! I hope they serve you well!