Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Filofax knock-off by PlanAhead

This is pocket-sized. I bought it at CVS for just under $9. I bought it before I bought my Urban Filofax because I wanted something cheap to see if I could live with the rings. I was a die-hard wire-bound planner fan for decades until just recently. I also wanted to try the small size. Again, as evidence of the possibility of change, I was an oversize scrawler for decades, at times even whipping out an unused 1 1/2' x 2' canvas and a Sharpie to make a list and get my bearings.

I also experimented with customization on this before doing it for reals on my Urban Filofax. The silver curlicues are my doing, as well.

Filofax knock-off by PlanAhead available at CVS

It's pretty cute and comes with nice, undated, weekly (two-pages-per-week) and monthly (two-pages-per-month) filler pages, in addition to some note paper and and address book with tabs. The lines in the monthly are not too narrow and light enough that they can be ignored. Key quality, for me!

This organizer does accept FF refills, but the FF refills are slightly smaller in height and width. The pages in the PlanAhead are 3x5.

The photo, below, shows the inside but I don't think it shows all the tabs that came with it (not 1000% sure). I cannibalized parts of it when I was testing out how to live with my more recent Filofax purchase. Once I decided I could live small, and with rings, I decided to buy the FF so I could incorporate a wallet into the set-up and thus always have my planner with me.

It also has two vertical slits, one on the left of the open cover, and one on the right of the open cover. You can also see the small, horizontal pocket on the left of the open cover.

Inside of PlanAhead organizer

It's made by PlanAhead. I was able to find the website before, but I can't find it now! Sorry! However, it didn't say much, other than telling you where you could buy the products. I recall a listing of CVS, Walgreen's, and Walmart. Maybe more, but I'm not sure so I won't hazard a guess. I saw them at CVS and Walgreen's.

Here's a link to a pretty cool, faux-leather one, which will have a more broad appeal than sky-blue denim! I haven't seen this one before, I like it.

All in all, other than missing a billfold and change pocket, this is a great value and very competitive with the Filofax. I'm really surprised the company isn't putting more effort into marketing them and making them available online as they are a solid product.


  1. I, too, was a die-hard bound planner person until I discovered Filofax. I haven't gone back since. This is very nice - sometimes you can find great office supplies at CVS, though in my experience, it's hit or miss.

  2. Hi, Kanalt! I agree about CVS. I once bought a spiral-bound, medium-sized, vinyl-covered, two-days-per-week in a vertical format, 'mom's agenda'-type planner and I used it for almost the whole year. It was a great value at $8!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hi, its been almost a year since you posted about this one. I did a search for the refills on the PlanAhead planner and the website isnt there right now. (planaheadnow.com)I saw this little one at CVS today and fell in love with the cuteness.I was wondering if you came across the refills for it ? When I did the search I saw your post about it = )

  4. Suzee -

    I THINK the Filofax pocket-sized refills fit, but I can't be 100% sure since I don't have my Plan Ahead anymore and thus can't check. Maybe look here http://www.filofaxusa.com/store/diaryrefills.asp?tn=1&control=processrequest&SizeId=2 and here http://www.filofaxusa.com/sizeguide/ to confirm (the dimensions on the sizeguide refer to paper size, not binder size).

    Good luck!!!! I JUST finished setting up my first-ever leather Filofax organizer today, this one in personal size. I used a lot of Jotje's recommendations (found here http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2010/12/guest-post-task-and-time-management.html ).