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Hacked my Classic-sized 2PPD Simplicity pages by Franklin Covey

Took a polypropylene folder and cut it down to fit, then had gal at Office Max spiral bind this for $3.50.  Just trying it out to see if I would like it to carry around in my purse to give me more room that the DayTimer pages I JUST posted about two posts ago.  I decided to try this before spending a bunch of cash on the Classic-sized Franklin Cover 2PPD Metropolitan, which comes in one-month wire-bound allotments.

I like the inside vertical pocket (it's actually a horizontal pocket in its original incarnation.

This picture is turned around and I don't want to bother re-orienting it, too much trouble.  Note that the spiral binding, as opposed to wire-binding, makes the left and right pages lay unaligned when open.  I don't like that.  However, not a deal-breaker.  The deal breaker is that, after trying this out, I prefer DayTimer/Fossil wallet combo because the wallet closes easily and protects the pages AND, especially, the wallet pockets hold a variety of writing implem…
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Wednesday is December 12, 2012, aka 12-12-12.  It will be another 89 years before we have another triple-digit day: January 1, 2101.

Significant?  I don't know, but 12-12-12 is an easy-to-remember date to be born or to get married (or for anything of significance!).

Fossil wallet plus DayTimer 2PPD

In August I switched to Franklin Covey Classic size with a variety of inserts and settled on 2PPW using FC's 5 Choices layout (those pages are spiral-bound, so I removed them from the spiral and punched them for my binder).  I was using it with DayTimer's 1PPD, but the whole thing became too big and heavy to easily carry around.  I don't mind having the weekly pages (where I keep all my appointments and weekly to-do's) sit in one spot near my desk, but I need my daily pages constantly accessible.  I want something that allows me to keep track of my schedule for the day, plus have enough room to make lists and do a little journaling.  I also want to carry a variety of writing implements. I wanted it small enough that I can throw it in my purse, have it open on the seat next to me in the car, and just, overall, be easily accessible wherever I am.  So this is what I came up with with.
DayTimer 2PPD - tabbed - and a Fossil wallet I had on hand and wasn't using (Fossil…

Makeup bag as pencil pouch

Here is a lovely little pencil pouch that I picked up in the toiletries aisle at Walmart or CVS, can't remember which.  It's very convenient in that it stays open and upright on the table when in use, and zips closed to a compact size.  Note the zippered, shallow compartment on the bottom, perfect for tabs and post-its.

How I Track Projects

So, as promised to LimeTree, here are some pictures of the system I am currently using to track projects.  It's based on David Allen's GTD binder (not the book, I could never get through that!), which I bought at Staples. First off, just last week I separated all I'm about to show you from my planner/journal pages.  I now have two separate binders and feel much better.  Having everything in one binder was just too darn heavy and too squashed and too oppressive -- too many to-do's in one place!  Besides, I don't need to look at the project stuff daily.  I look at it weekly IF I'm really on the ball.  It's a new system to me as of August, so it's still in progress.  After I took the pics I realize that I can consolidate some projects. This is the first time I've actually developed a system to track projects; in the past I've typically been preoccupied with what was immediately in front of me and no further.  So far I'm very happy with it as …

Corner of My World

Hello.  I stopped photographing my most recent set-up because, when it came time to photograph the next page, I realized I wasn't really happy with it, haha! Typical, huh?  You all know the feeling.  So I did some re-arranging and now I'm pleased as punch, but not yet ready to reveal.  Want to live with it a bit.

Here's a pic of my work area with some beautiful tulips my dear hubby bought.  Adore both him and the flowers!

Below is a pic of the same work area from a different angle.  Note the open Franklin Covey Classic binder sitting on the printer to the left of my desk (open to today's two-pages-per-day) and the open A5 Filofax (a Kendal) sitting on my shredder to the right of my chair (my work Filo; lined pages and to-do lists only). That's the back of a white love seat in the left foreground; my 'office' is in a corner of the living room.  Oh, and the printer is atop a red steel drawer pedestal from IKEA.  So handy, great price, too.  And having it ou…

Selling Purple Malden Compact Zipped, too, plus Graphic Image journal

I've added one more Filofax to my Ebay listings - it's a purple leather Malden pocket-sized zipped binder.  Lots and lots of pockets, very flexible in accommodating different needs.

I'm also selling a leather medium travel journal by Graphic Image.  Quite elegant.  The cover is engraved with  WANDERLUST, which I just love.  However, I'm reluctantly letting it go since I realize I need larger formats to accommodate my large writing.